Few Mistakes That You Must Avoid in the Strip Club

Fort Worth strip clubs will provide you nice entertainment where you can see plenty of hot and sexy girls, stripping before you and you can have lots of fun.

However, while visiting any buck strip club in Fort Worth, you must not do the following mistakes:

Don’t bring your unwilling girl friend

Strip clubs are for entertaining men and your girl friend may not like the ambience. Unless she offers to accompany you, it is better not to force her.

She will feel awful and also you may not go too near to those stripper girls in her presence.

Don’t buy something which is not worth

Many people may insist you to buy certain things, but avoid buying anything which is of no use to you. Unless you are too much interested, don’t ask for any special favor from stripper girls too.

Not knowing the rules of the strip club

Before visiting any stripper club in Fort Worth, it is important that you must be aware about all the rules of the club. There are bouncers present who may give you a thrashing, if you refused to follow certain rules.

Don’t give lame excuses but say firm “No”

If you don’t want something then say a firm “No” rather than making lame excuses, as these girls can easily understand all that, as they deal with people like you every day and will be able to easily convince you.

Don’t take any service without knowing the price

If you are interested for certain service in strip club then you must know the price. Refusing to pay can invite bouncers.

Don’t use your phone near stage

If you are sitting near the stage then pay attention to these dancing girls rather than remaining busy with your cell phone.

Don’t come in inappropriate dress

Be in a presentable dress while visiting the strip club. You may not even be given entry, if you come in your shorts or gym dress.

Don’t refuse to pay tips

If you have taken certain special service or special favor from the stripper girls then certainly pay their tips. Refusing to pay may invite bouncers.

Don’t use credit cards for making payments

Make all payments of services and tips in cash rather than using credit card. These dancing girls don’t carry a credit card sweeping machine with them.

Don’t go for lap dance only based on looks

Choose your dancing partner who is a better dancer but not who looks very hot and beautiful.